About Indicure

Founded in 2006, IndiCure was started with an aim of providing unique solutions to medical tourists on their visit to India. IndiCure derives its origin from the combination of words - 'INDIA' and 'CURE'; hence, we symbolize the growth of healthcare solutions in India and take pride in being the premier company to provide excellent patient-care and management services in India. In a short span of time, IndiCure evolved from providing medical services to one of the largest providers of cosmetic surgery and bariatric surgery to medical tourists in India. IndiCure now offers specialised and unique solutions to foreigners seeking affordable plastic surgery abroad and weight loss surgery abroad.

We offer an array of cosmetic surgery procedures at affordable prices. Our association with the finest and best cosmetic surgeons, bariatric surgeons and IVF specialists in India allows us to offer you highest quality for your medical treatment in India.

We only choose to work with the selected few surgeons based on our selection criteria and various internal checks. We give a strong emphasis on the qualification, experience, training, communication skills, International exposure, affiliations, bed side manners of the surgeons. Our panel of surgeons not only excel in these fields but have competency in spoken English, are very thorough and professional in their approach, but very understanding to the clients and their specific needs.

The plastic surgery clinics and hospitals we work with offer highest quality services so that you feel comfortable and safe.

IndiCure has served patients from more than 30 countries, several of which includes patients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Fiji, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Argentina, Israel, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

We have earned several accolades over the years:

  • We were nominated for the TATA NEN Hottest Startups in 2008
  • We were chosen as the only company to represent India at the World Medical Tourism Conference organized by FAFTA, Korea

We are known for the exceptional value we provide to our clients- in terms of cost-effectiveness, safety, comfort, and treatments, IndiCure's association with the best hospitals, professionals and experienced surgeons, is one of our key strengths.

Vision, Mission, Values, Principles

Our Vision:

To be the best and most trusted provider of medical tourism services in India. We strive to facilitate safe and comfortable healthcare services to medical tourists from across the world and ensure their well-being and quick recovery.

Our Mission:

Using our skills and professional expertise, we have pioneered the best patient-care management services in India. We adhere strongly to the industry standards and use our extensive knowledge in the field of medical tourism in India to deliver timely, vital, and quality services.

Our Values:

Safety, Excellence in service and Trust are the building blocks of IndiCure.

Safety : We understand that medical tourism is of utmost importance and a matter of concern as it is to do with your healthcare. Hence, we only choose the internationally recognized and adept medical institutions and the most acknowledged surgeons as our associates. Internally, at IndiCure we ensure that we maintain our exceptional quality standards and upgrade them to set newer industry benchmarks.

Excellence : As an expert medical tourism company, we collaborate with other experts of the medical fraternity like the technologically equipped hospitals, chief medical institutes and experienced surgeons. We ensure that our in-house professionals sharpen their skills with our continued medical education programs.

Trust : Our exhaustive list of clients speaks volumes about the level of trust we have gained over the years. We maintain complete confidentiality of all the information shared with us by our clients and network partners.

Guiding Principles
  • Achieve the best possible outcome for each patient
  • Embrace a customer service philosophy
  • Work together as a team towards common goals
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards
IndiCure Difference

Having served hundreds from across the world for cosmetic surgery, we understand the pulse of the industry. We combine strengths of both the sectors - hospital and hospitality, to provide you with affordable, safe, and highest quality plastic and bariatric surgery procedures in India.

Your health is our top priority and hence we ensure that your focus is your health and we take care of your logistical and operational requirements. We are known for our professional approach and an empathetic attitude towards our patrons.

Our key strengths are:

Advising: We understand your medical condition in-depth and suggest a customised mix of hospitals and top surgeons for you.

Planning: We build an itinerary for your medical tourism plan in India. Our strong business network ensures that you travel throughout India in a cost-effective and luxurious way.

Facilitation: We provide the best accommodation and travel options keeping your medical condition in mind. We guide you at every step; from pre-surgery advice and consultation, to transfers and representation at the hospitals and hotels, IndiCure leads the way.

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