Facial Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in India

Facial plastic surgery procedures are often used to turn the clock back on face and many a times to correct the appearance of facial features like nose or ears. There are a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures available, many of which are listed below.

It is much advantageous to get facialplastic surgery abroad in India as the cost of facial surgery in India is much less as compared to the cost of facial plastic surgery in UK, USA, Australia, Canada or anywhere else in the world. The facilities are as good as in these countries and there are few of the best facial plastic surgeons in India.

Eyelid surgery

Medically known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is done to rejuvenate the area around your eyes. Eyelid surgery removes the excess fat and skin from the upper eyelid and bags under the eyes. Blepharoplasty also tightens the lower eyelid skin to give a young and fresh appearance to your face.

Brow Lift

Brow lift is popularly known as forehead lift. This facial cosmetic surgery not only elevates the drooping eye brows, but the procedure also removes the lines on the forehead which may show unintended emotions. The result is a youthful, fresh and rejuvenated appearance.


Medically known as Rhytidectomy, face lift is the most popular of all facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Facelift rewinds the clock on your face by about 15-20 years. It is usually done with neck lift to give the face complete rejuvenation and fresh appearance.


MACS – The Minimal Access Cranial Suspension is a less invasive facelift. It is sometimes mistaken as mini facelift, which is incorrect. MACS is an evolved form of facelift plastic surgery which can accomplish what a traditional facelift can without giving the face a wind swipe look. The advantages of MACS are many.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Also known as Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping plastic surgery is also a very popular facial plastic surgery procedure to enhance or improve the shape and size of your nose. Rhinoplasty gives you a nose which is in harmony with your other facial features.

Bat Ear correction

Medically known as Otoplasty, bat ear correction corrects the oversized ears or pin the ears that protrude out, thus called “bat ears”. It is a simple plastic surgery procedure and is often performed on kids, as the cartilage of the ears in young age is easy to mould.

Cheek/ Chin Implants

Cheek or chin implants plastic surgery is done by both men and women who wish to enhance their facial profile and improve the facial contours. This plastic surgery makes facial features harmonious by inserting non absorbable silicone implants in the chin/ above cheek bone.

Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous fat transfer is also known as Microlipoinjection, is a relatively new and advanced procedure wherein your own fat is used to add volume and enhance the sunken part. Autologous means use of your own tissue, which is fat here. The technique has become very popular owing to many advantages.

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