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Firm Augmented Legs to Flaunt: Cosmetic Surgery In India is Best and Affordable

Shehnaya Foran, wanted to have a great wedding anniversary bash, but there was something that was stopping her- ‘under-developed calves’! As a strong-minded woman with her own thoughts and views, while attending her first session at the reputed beauty school, Shehnaya was taught the importance of loving herself and every inch of her body. However, at times and when out with her girls, she would often become the centre of all jokes- pointed towards her calves, especially when she wore shorts, boyfriend shorts, skirts and hot pants.

Days passed into weeks and months, Shehnaya slowly began losing her confidence and self-esteem. She was sick and tired of the many taunts and comments being thrown at her, and decided to visit one of the best cosmetic surgeons in town with her husband.

Shehnaya, upon diagnosis and initial consultation with the reputed cosmetic surgeon was told her calves needed an augmentation of sorts, since the pair wasn’t proportional – shape and size wise, in accordance to the rest of her frame. For this, the cosmetic surgeon suggested the insertion of silicone Calf implants to augment the problematic zones and for a fuller body to achieve. However, the costs stole her dreams!

Best calf augmentation surgery overseas with assured results

Calf Augmentation surgery overseas for best results.

All hope wasn’t lost though. Through research and speaking with more doctors around, Shehnaya’s husband found Calf Augmentation surgery abroad in India especially to be very affordable and of very high-quality!

Calf Augmentation surgery abroad – an overview

Before indulging in Calf implants, it would be best to do your own homework and research, to understand the importance of such surgeries and how it could best benefit your self-esteem and body language too.

Are you the right candidate?

In some cases, the muscles of our calves aren’t developed to their prime, as it should normally be. Irrespective of the diet, the body DNA, the genes and even the unending leg workouts put in, the calves at times appear puny and small, as compared to the rest of the body. This is but an embarrassment for anyone- men and women alike!

Calf implants and augmentation

Only the best and the most experienced cosmetic surgeon with immense successful cases handled should be summoned for the task in hand. This is because, with Calf implants, the candidate has to have more bulk added to the calves, which would balance the muscles and bring about a proportionate look to the body, overall. The autologous fat present would be transferred to the puniest parts of the calves, while the implants inserted would bring in the bulk look. However, since the legs are always on the go, the fat would be on an all-high absorption rate, and this is where the role of silicone calves inserted, comes into play.

What you need to know

  • Before looking into options on Calf Augmentation surgery abroad, while checking for reputed hospitals in India performing cosmetic surgeries on various counts, one has to check with the hospital settings for the whole duration.
  • Do you wish to have calf augmentation plastic surgery or would you just want to make the puny calves a little bulkier? Some of us have spina bifida- clubbed feet or maybe the unfortunate touch of imbalanced legs; the cosmetic surgeon would first check your emotional and physical stability and health, and then would suggest a procedure which would be realistic and one that would bring about results to suit your lifestyle, nature and personality too!
  • General anaesthesia at a reputed hospital in India would be the norm, where an incision by the expert would be done on the backside of the patient’s knee. A pocket would be created for the implants to be inserted, and then stitched to be closed!
  • There would be discomfort and pain that would be kept in control post the surgery, thanks to medications and painkillers. The feeling later on would be as though you’ve pumped those legs well at a gym all year long. Compression stockings would be given to you to wear for almost a month, post the operation and the legs have to be in an elevated position when you rest- avoids swelling and pain.

Why Calf Augmentation surgery abroad?

Calf Augmentation surgery overseas

Calf Augmentation surgery abroad to get the perfect shapely legs.

The cost of medical and cosmetic health care in India is the cheapest, as compared to other nations around the world, making clients from the US, UK, Australia, Middle-East and other south-east Asian countries book appointments for Calf Augmentation surgery abroad. And in addition to that, the well-trained cosmetologists with immense experience communicate in English- keeping transparency and understanding the patient’s needs.

Talking about costs, below is a snapshot of what it actually takes to have calf Augmentation surgery overseas, especially India-

“The cost of Calf implants or calf augmentation cosmetic surgery in India varies between 2100 pounds 2600 pounds.  The cost of Calf augmentation plastic surgery in India depends upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and city where you are undergoing the procedure.”

Check with the best

Before taking the giant leap of faith to get calf Augmentation surgery overseas, we would encourage you to speak with the best cosmetic surgeons near you. This is because; a cosmetic surgery is more than just a physical appeal or a look to attain. The process needs intense deliberation, consultations and total physical and mental acceptance of what comes next- an understanding which only the best cosmetic surgeons around in India can help you with.

Take your time and get hold of a list of the Best cosmetic surgeons in India, and ask them as many questions as you can before narrowing down your options!

The cost of calf augmentation varies from patient to patient because it depends on which implants you and your chosen expert cosmetic surgeon decide upon after careful evaluation of your individual case. In order to get best possible result from your calf augmentation surgery in India write to us at or drop your inquiry at our website for a free consultation or call us at  +91-932-003-6777 | +1-877-270-2448 or Skype @Indicure

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