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Tummy Tuck Tales – an overview

  • Also known as ‘Abdominoplasty’, with tummy tuck procedures the doctor works on removing excess skin from the abdominal region (midriff), excess fat and even eliminating ugly stretch marks (post pregnancy effects or extreme weight loss effects).
  • The procedure aims at tightening the walls of the abdomen, especially for women who have diastasis (post pregnancy effects).
  • Tummy tucks have helped many women improve their ‘hour-glass’ shapely figures, where a good percentage of abdominal skin is removed. What happens with the remaining skin is that it is stretched out across the abdomen completely for a thinner and leaner look to achieve.
  • In some cases, surgeons would even advise liposuction along with tummy tuck to get rid of love handles or flanks.
  • A simple pinch test is the norm, which determines the candidature of the client- you hold the abdominal skin and the fat right between the forefinger and your thumb. More than two inches of a pinch, and you are ready to go under the knife.
Tummy tuck surgery abroad to reshape the stomach region

Pinch Test for tummy tuck surgery overseas

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Here are a few benefits to know about when you decide to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Please note, there are various types of tummy tuck operations performed across the globe, and results may vary. Do consult your doctor on the same.

  1. Tummy tucks can help flatten and firm the abdomen wall.
  2. Tummy tucks reduce the eyesore tummy bulge- mostly seen with post-pregnancy cases.
  3. Tummy tucks can help eliminate stretch marks over time.
  4. Tummy tucks bring back self-confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Tummy tuck results can last a lifetime, should you follow to the core every advice of the doctor.

Are you the right candidate for a tummy tuck?

To know if you are the ‘ideal client’ for a tummy tuck, your doctor would check on the following;

  • Your ideal body weight and health.
  • If you have tried the best diets, exercise regime and routines with a certified expert’s help and yet haven’t been able to free the abdominal region of excessive skin and fat.
  • Men and women who would want to get rid of the ‘belly fat’, all too stubborn to go through conventional methods.
  • Post-pregnancy figure restoration for the health conscious new-age woman.
  • Men and women who suffer from obesity or have at one point been obese and have excess fat to remove from the abdomen region.

 Preparing for a tummy tuck surgery

Most clients have one burning question before they go under the knife “Does one need to lose weight before the surgery?”!

To answer this question, it would be best to speak to a certified and a very highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. One has to undergo ‘preoperative counselling’ with the surgeon, and a CBC test (complete blood count) has to be taken to check if the patient suffers from the following pre-existing conditions;

  1. Anemia
  2. Leukaemia
  3. Infections in the blood stream
  4. Certain cancers etc.

Do I have to quit smoking?

Please note, your surgeon would also ask you to quit smoking for at least fourteen days before you go under the knife- smoking restricts the healing process and doesn’t allow blood cells to function fast and easy.

Pregnancy tests and menopause

If you haven’t achieved or gone through menopause yet and are a woman, the doctor would want you to consider having a test for pregnancy done.

How long should I wait before I opt for tummy tuck procedure post delivering my baby?

Remember, even though you have just given birth and it could be three to six months at that, we would still ask you to consult your doctor for his or her final word. This is because your body is still in its recuperating stage, hormones are bound to readjust and stabilisation of the body is a must, before tummy tucks are opted for.

Medications pre-operation to discontinue if any!

At the pre-operative session, your cosmetic surgeon would check thoroughly your medical history and the medication you have been administered for till now. There are certain medicines he or she would ask you not to continue- ibuprofen and aspirin for example are two of the many. The surgeon would also question you on the use of supplements and other drugs you may be using- you would be asked to stop them too, since they react negatively with sedation while the operation is scheduled.

Procedure of Tummy Tuck Surgery

In most cases (depends on the level of excess fat and skin removal from one patient to the next), a tummy tuck surgery would take around two hours to five hours. The patient in question would be administered local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia; the doctor would ask you your choices though, keeping in mind the type of tummy tuck surgery you’d be undergoing.

Time, money and healing process

For about three to four weeks, you would after your surgery need to stay in the hospital under expert surveillance and guidance. After two days or three from the date of surgery, the drainage pipes from your body would be taken out. There would be numbness, bruising or extreme pains to bear at times; the cosmetic surgeon and nurses would care for you with their best resources available. With regard to the costs, a tummy tuck surgery would be around INR 174000/- and above. It could be higher or lower; depends on the experience of the surgeon, the city and the location in the country you choose to undergo the surgery.

Post-operative care

Your certified plastic surgeon would now give you immense advice on what you should be doing post the tummy tuck procedure; following his or her advice would help with the healing process on a faster note. Here are some points they would cover;

  1. Cold compress bags for the abdominal region
  2. A few bars of anti-bacterial soaps to bathe with
  3. Gauze and dressing for the areas where the incision has happened
  4. Your diet chart
  5. Your exercise routine

Any Alternatives for Tummy Tuck?

  • With the help of nicks and incisions, liposuction is an alternative to think about where the fat would be sucked out, and some doctors also advise the use of
  • Specialised beauty and therapy treatments, which use specific creams and supplements to reduce cellulite and fat from the body- research is still on to know if they actually work or not!

In conclusion, we would ask you to weigh your pros and cons while making a decision to go under the knife. If you still feel that the conventional method of hitting the gym, a proper diet and everything as told by your fitness trainer and dietician isn’t working, consulting a specialist would be good. Finally, tummy tucks are gender neutral- both men and women can opt for the surgery for a fab body ahead!

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