Why Plastic surgery abroad

Why should you choose to travel abroad for plastic surgery?

The trend of seeking plastic surgery abroad or plastic surgery in a foreign country has become quite popular owing to many advantages it offers. Here's a list of few advantages of getting plastic surgery abroad:

Privacy- Most of the people who wish to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery do not wish it to be known to their friends and relatives. Recovery at home means revealing your friends and relatives about the cosmetic surgery procedure. Recovery abroad is also stress free as you do not have to worry about many things. IndiCure makes sure that your recovery after the surgery is safe and stress free.

Huge Savings- Cost of plastic surgery abroad is a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery in UK. Check out the cosmetic surgery prices in India and you can compare for yourselves.

High MRSA in UK- Many patients travel abroad for cosmetic surgery out of fear of high MRSA rate in UK. MRSA at our associate cosmetic surgery clinics in India have ZERO MRSA rate, so you do not have to worry about the infections you may catch at the hospital during recovery.

Why should you choose to get cosmetic surgery in India?

India offers unique advantages that no other destination offers. That is why India has become the most sought after or the best destination for affordable plastic surgery abroad.

Reputation of Indian surgeons- Indian surgeons are known all over the world for their medical skills. The surgeons in India are all trained in the best medical schools in the world and most of them are American or UK board certified cosmetic surgeons.

Affordable cosmetic surgery prices in India: The cost of cosmetic surgery in India is much less as compared the cost of cosmetic surgery procedures in UK.

Excellent Cosmetic surgery facilities in India: Cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals in India are state of the art and have all the latest infrastructure and facilities for a comfortable stay at the hospital.

Language- English is the second language in India and all doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital speak fluent English. It is very important to have the same language of communication for the surgeon to understand your expectations from the surgery well.

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